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Trump Accidentally Confirms 2 Damning Allegations In Early Morning Twitter Tirade



Trump Takes Down Trump…Again

Donald Trump has had yet another no-good, very bad week, and, as he so often does, decided to take to Twitter during the early hours of Saturday morning to let America know that he is not happy with it.

But in the midst of all his internet screaming over “fake news” and how horrible dem “Dems” are and his desperate “Well, yeah, but HILLARY!” nonsense, the president inadvertently confirmed two major news stories – neither of which are particularly flattering to him or his administration.

In fact, they’re both pretty damning.

Let’s take a look at both.

Trump Outs AG Jeff Sessions

In terms of bad weeks, the president isn’t the only one who had one. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III also had a horrible week – courtesy first of his own boss and then, later, the Washington Post.

During Trump’s recent (and batshit crazy) interview with the New York Times, he basically begged Sessions to resign. The president said that Sessions’ recusal from all Russian matters was very unfair, and had Trump known he was going to do that, he would have hired someone else.

Then WaPo broke a massive story: Sessions met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the 2016 presidential election to discuss Trump campaign matters. Furthermore, the conversations also included “a discussion on policy issues important to the Kremlin,” CNN reports.

In response to the story, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement to CNN:

“Obviously I cannot comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in a wholly uncorroborated intelligence intercept that the Washington Post has not seen and that has not been provided to me. But the attorney general stands by his testimony from just last month before the Senate Intelligence Committee, when he specifically addressed this and said that he ‘never met with or had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election.’”

Donald Trump, however, seems to disagree, and tweeted out the following:

In other words, the story is true. Sessions did meet with a Russian agent several times, and he did discuss campaign issues, and he also discussed policy matters important to the Kremlin…but we should all be mad because someone leaked all of that, rather than being mad about Sessions colluding with Russians on Trump’s behalf.

Well done, Donald. You confirmed that the news still isn’t fake and that your administration really is just that bad.

Pardon Me…But Did Trump Really Just Tweet That?

And then the president confirmed a second major story, one that is chilling. A story that, even in these crazy, constitutionally-trying times, should make every American take pause.

It was reported that Trump was seeking advice on presidential pardoning powers. He wondered, in fact, if he would be able to pardon his aides, his family…and himself.

The Washington Post reported:

“Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe, according to one of those people. A second person said Trump’s lawyers have been discussing the president’s pardoning powers among themselves.”

That is disturbing. To begin with, a pardon comes with guilt. There is no getting around that. And the idea that the president could pardon himself causes all sorts of problems. It smacks of an authoritarian regime. Not even kings can pardon themselves, and Donald Trump is no king.

Yet Trump thinks he may be bigger than a king. And Trump thinks his presidential pardoning powers are infinite. And he wants you to know that. But he also wants you to know that the biggest crime of all is “LEAKS.”

For a man who has to fight against an as-of-yet unconfirmed dossier that mentions prostitutes and urine, the president sure talks about “leaks” an awful lot.

In Two Tweets, Trump Reminds Us Of His Incompetence

Perhaps the most disturbing part of Trump’s latest tweet storm is that it once again displays his sheer incompetence. His Twitter tirade surely has his aides – and certainly his legal team – shaking their heads in numbed disbelief as the man supposedly leading our country just lost it, again.

Even if his supporters are unwilling to believe the mounting evidence against him, even if his followers still believe in him despite the fact that he confirms all the craziness himself, they should at least be upset that all of his time is consumed with the Russian probe and Twitter rather than governing and “making America great again.”

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BREAKING: FBI Finally Finds Motive For Vegas Shooting And Its Not What ANYONE Expected



An FBI insider has revealed to LLOD correspondent in Washington, Cynthia Luwhoe, that the Vegas division has found concrete evidence of what Scott Paddock, 64, had going on in his head when he fired thousands of rounds into a crowd of people.
Some have speculated that he may be involved with ISIS or perhaps a “lone-wolf” gunman. Some thought he was a patsy in a Soros-inspired coverup. In reality, it seems, Paddock was in search of justice for his long-time lover and friend, a man named Ron Goldman:

“The Vegas bureau has found concrete evidence that Steve Paddock was involved romantically with Ron Goldman at the time Goldman was murdered by OJ Simpson. Simpson had announced that the first thing he was going to do when he got out was take in a concert on the strip and get a shrimp cocktail. We believe that Paddock spotted OJ Simpson in the crowd and opened fire.”

Simpson, who has already admitted he was not only there but in the middle of where the bulk of the people were killed, said had he not hidden under a “really large dead white woman” that he would surely have died as well. It would appear that this senseless act of violence was even more senseless than we thought.

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BREAKING: Fox News Just Fired Their Most Controversial Anchor



Fox News has finally had enough of one of their most controversial anchors. After speaking out against President Trump on multiple occasions and embarrassing the network publicly, Shep Smith has been given his walking papers.

Rupert Murdoch, head honcho at Fox, told insiders that Shep was let go for his obvious disrespect for President Trump, his unscripted outbursts on live television and allowing his personal life to interfere with his television persona:

“Shep has shown that he’s not the kind of anchor suitable for the Fox News audience. While we respect his right to have a liberal opinion and his right to choose his sexual orientation, our viewers don’t need to be exposed to it. Maybe Shep can go work for MSNBC and get a show with Rachel Maddow.”

Shep’s contract isn’t up for another three months but Murdoch has decided he’d rather give him some free cash than have him on the network any longer. there’s no word yet on who Fox will promote to anchor to fill Smith’s shoes.

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SHOCKING!! OBAMA Just Made a RACIST Announcement! THIS IS BAD!



Barack Obama can’t get over the fact that he’s not in the office anymore.

He thinks that he’s still the President and keeps doing things like one.

He joined forces with Chance the Rapper and Steph Curry in a new PSA, and it’s totally racist.

Obama’s Foundation may have already pushed itself into oblivion with this racially divided message, but the people will have to decide by themselves after learning more about it now. Obama shared his PSA movie for his new foundation “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK) which encourages mentorship and opportunities for young boys and men of color.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, this charity only accepts males of color and eliminates the opportunity for everyone else. The PSA features a speech which Obama gave in 2015. “I want you to know, you matter. There is nothing, not a single thing, that’s more important to the future of America than whether or not young people all across this country can achieve their dreams.” Then the video continues where the Golden State Warrior’s superstar Steph Curry stares at his phone watching a video and repeats the words that were said before. “We’re the ones to inspire our generation, to rise up and stand for the idea of opportunity for everyone.”

Barack Obama is racist, and his pal, Henry Louis Gates. We shouldn’t let these two convince us that only white people are racist. Sgt. Crowley investigated a possible burglary at Prof. Gates’ Cambridge home this week. Gates met a white cop at his door and assumed that he was a racist cop that would treat him differently because he is black.

He was uncooperative, impolite, irrational, throwing racial slurs at the white cop, even insulting the cop’s mother. He accused a decent, above-reproach police officer of being a racist cop, just because he was white. What a shame.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Freedom Daily.

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Jenna Bush Hager Unleashes on Miserable Team Trump: ‘They Represent the Worst of Humankind’




Powerful words from the daughter of our last Republican president, George W. Bush.

Jenna’s powerful message via Twitter was part of the growing wave of opposition against Trump’s unconstitutional travel ban. And while there are many Republicans who have become outspoken critics of the ban, the fact that Jenna is the daughter of the first former Republican president, coupled with her current position as an NBC News correspondent, brings an added weight to her belief.

The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about,” she tweeted. “Islam is peace.”


Her message closed with a pointed condemnation of those who would devalue Muslims, labeling or treating them as less than Americans. “Those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don’t represent the best of America, they represent the worst of humankind, and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior.”

Wow – a stunning, beautifully-worded, passionate message from a Republican who happens to understand the foundational principles of our great republic. Thank you, Jenna!


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Special Prosecutor Mueller Just Opened An Investigation into Kellyanne Conway



KellyAnne Conway may finally have gone too far. Her attacks last week on Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, the Democratic opponent of Republican alleged child molester Roy Moore, brought on charges that her politically motivated rant was a violation of the Hatch Act which prevents executive branch employees from engaging in partisan political activities as part of their official duties.

Now, The Hill is reporting that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s office is opening up a case file to investigate the matter. The former director of the Office of Government Ethics under President Obama, Walter Shaub, filed a complaint against Conway with Mueller’s office last week after the White House defended her diatribe against Jones by claiming that her comments on Jones were merely part of her supporting the President’s agenda.

“Ms. Conway did not advocate for or against the election of a candidate, and specifically declined to encourage Alabamans to vote a certain way,” Raj Shah, the White House principal deputy press secretary, said in a statement.

“She was speaking about issues and her support for the President’s agenda. This election is for the people of Alabama to decide.”

The former Ethics Chief Shaub explained on Twitter what he thought of that excuse:

Having successfully brought the Special Prosecutor’s attention to yet another flagrant violation of federal law by a Trump administration senior advisor, Shaub has shown that, even after resigning his seat as director of the agency policing ethics violations in protest over the refusal of the executive branch to hand over copies of the ethics waivers it had issued to former-lobbyists joining the administration, he can still effectively pressure the administration over its misdeeds from his seat in the civilian world.

The addition of Conway’s Hatch Act violation to the litany of issues being probed by Mueller and his associates means that the grand juries will be extremely busy in the weeks and months ahead. Hopefully, Santa will be bringing indictments before the holidays.

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JUST IN: Prince Harry Just Hit Trump With Some Devastating News



The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is in full swing planning mode for the spring, and it looks like President Trump will not be receiving an invitation. The UK Government hasn’t officially commented on the guest list, but it does not seem likely that Trump will be invited.

Since Markle is an American citizen, it would be typically expected that she would invite the President, but the couple have reportedly been overly critical of Trump, with US Weekly reporting that the Prince “is not a fan” of Trump, and Markle also threatened to leave the US if he became President.

Newsweek commented that “If Trump were to appear at Prince Harry’s wedding in spring 2018, it would likely spark protests. The risk of embarrassment, were such a protest to occur at a royal wedding, might put the couple off inviting such a controversial figure.”

On the other hand, Prince Harry and Markle will be extending an invitation to Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The Obama family have a great relationship with Harry and his older brother, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and have been hosted at Kensington Palace in the past.


Do you think Trump should be invited to the Royal Wedding??

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