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The Donald Trump Jr. emails change everything



It is no longer possible to dismiss the Russia scandal as fake news.

The June 2016 email thread in which Donald Trump Jr. was offered Russian government help for the Trump campaign has now been released, and it is utterly damning.

In the thread, publicist Rob Goldstone writes clear as day that a prosecutor in Russia met a client of his, and offered to give the Trump campaign incriminating information on Hillary Clinton “as part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

“If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer,” Trump Jr. responded.

The full thread — posted by Trump Jr. himself in two tweets in an effort to preempt a story by the New York Times’ Jo Becker, Adam Goldman, and Matt Apuzzo — makes indisputably clear that Trump Jr. was trying to collude with the Russian government.

In the thread, Goldstone goes on to schedule a meeting between Trump Jr. and a “Russian government attorney” who he said would convey the information. Trump Jr. also forwards on the thread to Jared Kushner and then-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, confirming the time of the meeting.

To be blunt: This changes everything.

What exactly is so damaging about the new email thread
The email thread makes clear that Donald Trump Jr. was aware of and willing to support a Russian government effort to help his father’s campaign.

It suggests that Kushner and Manafort were also in the loop.

And it raises serious questions of how Donald Trump himself could have kept professing to disbelieve claims that Russia was helping him.

What actually happened when Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort met Russian government attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya on June 9, 2016, in Trump Tower remains unclear.

Trump Jr. has claimed in a statement that he was given no useful information at the meeting and that the matter went no further. Yet previous accounts he’s given of the meeting keep leaving out relevant details that emerge later on.

There remains a great deal we still don’t know about the Russia scandal. For instance, what, if anything, Trump’s team actually ended up doing with the Russians is still unclear. Did any collaborative effort or private understanding materialize in the end? Was the Trump campaign tipped off about the Russian hacking and planned leaks of prominent Democrats’ emails? What, exactly, did Donald Trump know?

But it’s no longer possible to dismiss the Russia scandal as fake news. The future of Trump’s presidency hinges on what Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation finds.

The emails are very specific about who was behind the information
On June 3, 2016, publicist Rob Goldstone sent his acquaintance Donald Trump Jr. a tantalizing email headlined “Russia – Clinton – private and confidential”:

Goldstone said he was writing at the behest of Aras and Emin Agalarov, a father-son pair of real estate developers who do business with Russia and worked with the Trumps on the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. (Emin is also a Russian pop star.)

He said that “the Crown prosecutor of Russia” met with Aras and “offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful” to Trump. (“Crown prosecutor” is a British term and that exact position doesn’t exist in Russia, but the Times suggests Goldstone may have been referring to the Russian prosecutor general.)

And crucially, Goldstone made clear that the information would be “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump — helped along by Aras and Emin.”

Trump Jr. responded enthusiastically — “if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.”

Goldstone then helps set up a phone call between Trump Jr. and Emin Agalarov, and later arranges a meeting between Trump Jr. and someone he calls “The Russian government attorney who is flying over from Moscow.”

Trump Jr. confirms the meeting and says then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner will also attend:

Later, the meeting was rescheduled, and Trump Jr. forwarded the new time and apparently the entire thread to Kushner and Manafort:

The meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya then took place the following day, on June 9.

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Jenna Bush Hager Unleashes on Miserable Team Trump: ‘They Represent the Worst of Humankind’




Powerful words from the daughter of our last Republican president, George W. Bush.

Jenna’s powerful message via Twitter was part of the growing wave of opposition against Trump’s unconstitutional travel ban. And while there are many Republicans who have become outspoken critics of the ban, the fact that Jenna is the daughter of the first former Republican president, coupled with her current position as an NBC News correspondent, brings an added weight to her belief.

The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about,” she tweeted. “Islam is peace.”


Her message closed with a pointed condemnation of those who would devalue Muslims, labeling or treating them as less than Americans. “Those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don’t represent the best of America, they represent the worst of humankind, and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior.”

Wow – a stunning, beautifully-worded, passionate message from a Republican who happens to understand the foundational principles of our great republic. Thank you, Jenna!


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Special Prosecutor Mueller Just Opened An Investigation into Kellyanne Conway



KellyAnne Conway may finally have gone too far. Her attacks last week on Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, the Democratic opponent of Republican alleged child molester Roy Moore, brought on charges that her politically motivated rant was a violation of the Hatch Act which prevents executive branch employees from engaging in partisan political activities as part of their official duties.

Now, The Hill is reporting that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s office is opening up a case file to investigate the matter. The former director of the Office of Government Ethics under President Obama, Walter Shaub, filed a complaint against Conway with Mueller’s office last week after the White House defended her diatribe against Jones by claiming that her comments on Jones were merely part of her supporting the President’s agenda.

“Ms. Conway did not advocate for or against the election of a candidate, and specifically declined to encourage Alabamans to vote a certain way,” Raj Shah, the White House principal deputy press secretary, said in a statement.

“She was speaking about issues and her support for the President’s agenda. This election is for the people of Alabama to decide.”

The former Ethics Chief Shaub explained on Twitter what he thought of that excuse:

Having successfully brought the Special Prosecutor’s attention to yet another flagrant violation of federal law by a Trump administration senior advisor, Shaub has shown that, even after resigning his seat as director of the agency policing ethics violations in protest over the refusal of the executive branch to hand over copies of the ethics waivers it had issued to former-lobbyists joining the administration, he can still effectively pressure the administration over its misdeeds from his seat in the civilian world.

The addition of Conway’s Hatch Act violation to the litany of issues being probed by Mueller and his associates means that the grand juries will be extremely busy in the weeks and months ahead. Hopefully, Santa will be bringing indictments before the holidays.

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JUST IN: Prince Harry Just Hit Trump With Some Devastating News



The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is in full swing planning mode for the spring, and it looks like President Trump will not be receiving an invitation. The UK Government hasn’t officially commented on the guest list, but it does not seem likely that Trump will be invited.

Since Markle is an American citizen, it would be typically expected that she would invite the President, but the couple have reportedly been overly critical of Trump, with US Weekly reporting that the Prince “is not a fan” of Trump, and Markle also threatened to leave the US if he became President.

Newsweek commented that “If Trump were to appear at Prince Harry’s wedding in spring 2018, it would likely spark protests. The risk of embarrassment, were such a protest to occur at a royal wedding, might put the couple off inviting such a controversial figure.”

On the other hand, Prince Harry and Markle will be extending an invitation to Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The Obama family have a great relationship with Harry and his older brother, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and have been hosted at Kensington Palace in the past.


Do you think Trump should be invited to the Royal Wedding??

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Equifax Is Tricking Consumers Into Waiving Their Right To Sue Over Data Breach



Equifax, the oldest and most valuable of the three main credit reporting agencies, revealed a massive data breach; one of the largest such hacks ever recorded. Personally identifying information like Social Security numbers, birth dates, and even driver’s license numbers were involved in the breach, affecting up to 143 million people — nearly half the U.S. population.

Naturally, anyone who with any credit at all will want to know whether or not their info was involved in the incident, and Equifax says they want to help. But now, concerns are being raised that Equifax is deceptively requiring consumers to waive their rights to join any class action lawsuit against them, should they enroll in the company’s fraud protection program and possibly if they even use the website to see if they’ve been affected.

That’s right — if you enroll in their fraud protection–something they specifically provided to you because of the breach–you automatically agree to arbitration and lose your right to sue. It’s currently unclear whether this applies to merely checking to see if your information has been compromised.

The website, which, for obvious reasons, we will not provide a clickable link for here, is

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB ) is actually trying to ban arbitration clauses like this, specifically because they can be so deceptive. But those rules have not yet taken effect, and won’t for another ten days. More importantly, the rule will not work retroactively, so consumers can’t get out of this arbitration if they follow through with the sign-up process on the Equifax site.

New York’s Attorney General has already contacted Equifax about the arbitration clause:

The CFPB said in a statement that the clause was “troubling,” and that they were investigating both the security incident that set this all off and the company’s response to it, saying that “Equifax could remove this clause so that consumers can receive this service without condition.”

Not only is Equifax requiring an agreement that strips you of your legal rights, but even if you decide you don’t care about all that, the company requires you to provide even more personal information as you sign up for the resolution tool.

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John McCain Calls Mike Pence “ASSHOLE” On Live TV. [VIDEO]



“Shut up or I’ll have you arrested….. low-life scum” – John McCain to anti-war activists

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BREAKING: Conservative Icon Ted Nugent Killed In Hunting Accident



Ted Nugent, 70’s rocker turned hunting guide and conservative icon, was shot and killed early this morning in a tragic hunting accident.

While setting up his tree stand just outside a wildlife reserve in Montana, Nugent was fired on and hit in the chest by a hunter with a scope nearly a quarter of a mile away who believed he was a brown bear.

Details are still coming out, but apparently Nugent often hunts this are for animals that stray from the preserve.

He was just setting up before dawn without any reflective or hunter’s orange visible, wearing a fur hat he would typically change for a camo and orange version once the sun came up.

The hunter who shot him faces manslaughter charges as the shot rang out and was recorded by a local game warden a full 15 minutes before dawn, which is the legal start of the day for hunting. The identity of the hunter hasn’t been released. He was arrested and booked at the State Police barracks in Boseman. Nugent’s family has been notified.


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